Saturday, April 07, 2012

Bleach Pen Clothing Designs

This tutorial will show you how to create hand drawn designs on your clothing by using a bleach pen!
My favorite part about this project is how versatile it is. You can use just about any piece of clothing! I chose to use a pair of leggings and a shirt. 

What You Will Need:
-Bleach Pen (found at any major grocery store in the laundry isle)
-Article of Clothing (Dont have one you want to bleach? Find something at the thrift store!)
-Something to stick inside of the piece of clothing so the bleach doesnt bleed through it. (I used a flattened cereal box here)

Lets Begin!

Start by sliding your cereal box, or whatever your are using,
inside of the piece of clothing you are going to bleach.

Smooth out all of the wrinkles and make sure your shirt is straight so your design isn't crooked in the end.

Start designing your clothing!
Get creative. Look up designs online, freehand them, or draw something you love!
You can also print out stencils of words and use those.

I decided to try a Native American/Southwestern Print.
The next few photos are the progression of my design.

 I also decided to do a pair of leggings while I was at it!

Once you are finished with your design, allow the bleach to set into your clothing.
1. When it has set as long as you would like it to, go to the kitchen or bathroom and wash off the rest of the remaining bleach with COLD water.
2. Once the remaining bleach is washed off, give it another good rinse under the cold water. 
3. Throw it in the washing machine. Wash with cold water. Dry in the dryer.
If you don't have a washing machine you can rinse your item really well and line dry it.



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  1. Just been perusing your blog- you are so creative. I especially love this idea Im definitely going to give it a go!!!

  2. Great idea, I love it! And yes, great blog. Congrats!!!